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Black Spirit by Scheurich

Simple shapes, such as cubes, which emanate an unique and unmistakable charm - these are the essential criteria for fans of stylish interiors. Black Spirit will catch your eye. The new ceramics series by Scheurich offers several cutting-edge features, reflecting the feel of modern living spaces.

The most attractive feature of the cube-shaped cachepots and the rectangular bowl is the intriguing 3D design. The pattern is reminiscent of woodgrain knots or the skin of exotic reptiles and brings a living, dynamic feel to the range. Additionally the slim base makes it seem as though the shapes are floating weightlessly. As always, Scheurich guarantees these containers are absolutely watertight.

Simplicity is also a key feature. Choose your plants, place them straight into the container, and voilà. This ease of use and flexibility works its magic especially for the bowl. It is designed precisely to match the two common plant pot sizes of commercially sold orchids. Speaking of flexible; the Black Spirit cachepot is available in several other colours and inspires further individual combinations.

Additional to white orchids (Phalaenopsis), Black Spirit is also suited to distinctive, ornamental plants. Most spectacular partners are succulents with relief-like patterns, for example variants of Aloe Vera (Aloe Aristata, Aloe Humilis), Haworthia (Haworthia) or Faucaria (Faucaria Tigrina). For more relaxed combinations, unusual variants of the jade plant (Crassula ‘Hobbit') or Peperomia (Peperomia ‘Happy Bean’) are excellent choices.

Available Sizes:

Cachepot: 13, 15 and 18 cm

Bowl: 25 cm

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