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Free Climber by Scheurich

Stylish, practical, reliable: plant aficionados will be delighted by Free Climber, it is after all a new and clever innovation. Three cute birds made from translucent plastic share their new indoor tree with houseplants that need a little support. It comes as no surprise that these birds are designed for plant care given they share the same visual theme of close relative Bördy, the popular water-storing bird by Scheurich, which already provides thousands of green room mates with fresh liquid.

A positive benefit is that the shoots of devil’s ivy (Epipremnum), Madagascar jasmine and many others are just fine with this smart climbing aid. No clips or other fastening ties are needed to encourage upward growth. The arms of the pale green climbing tree branch out at just the right angles to catch the plant as it grows. At the same time, this clever tree always sits securely in the pot - and before long is covered in a luscious blanket of green leaves.

Available Size: 19 x 35 cm

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