Play with the light

Happy Shine by Scheurich

A good mood is the most important prerequisite to relax and feel comfortable. A cheerful look with fresh colours, bright materials and plants in our living spaces goes a long way to achieve this. Attractive accessories in modern designs have an invigorating effect and enhance a friendly atmosphere. The new pot decoration Happy Shine by Scheurich embodies all of these qualities and creates attractive, sun-catching features indoors and outdoors.

In the shape of an eye-catching bird, Happy Shine decorates plant containers in the house and the garden and is available in three cheerful colours. Its chief attraction is its fluorescence, which provides a fascinating play of light as the natural sunlight is fragmented on the colorful acrylic surface as if passing through a prism before lighting up the edges.

A great gift idea for everyone who loves plants and enjoys decorating them with attractive details!

Available Size: ca. 16 cm

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