A Touch of the Exotic

Lime Spirit by Scheurich

Shades of vivid green add spirit and a freshness of style. The new cachepots of the Lime Spirit series by Scheurich are eye-catching cube-shaped pots for the home.

The stylish cube shape fits in nicely with the simplistic design of minimalist interiors. The surface structure with its three-dimensional effect makes these pieces especially stand out. Resembling the pattern of tree-bark, the design appears very natural and gives every piece a unique look. Its handmade appearance is reinforced by the uneven paint finish in vibrant and on-trend Lime Green. The cachepots are made from high quality ceramics and are completely watertight and Made in Germany. Scheurich also offers design variations in Black Spirit, Pure Green, Anthracite, Dark Red, and Panna. Additionally, a rectangular bowl is available, which can hold two planters with orchids or foliage plants.

The unique mottled pattern of Lime Spirit evokes images of tropical regions where camouflage is a basic principle in the lives of both plants and animals. Unusual green foliage plants like the checkered Alocasia Zebrina, Crassula plants like Mistletoe Cacti (Rhipsalis), the primeval-looking Cycads, or Pawpaw (Pachira) complement the unusual design of the cachepots exceptionally well.

Available Sizes: 13, 15 and 18 cm

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