A Heart for Plants

Mini-Cover Pots in Pastel Colours by Scheurich

Miniature plants have always been multi-talented; stylish table decorations, unique souvenirs, or surprise gifts. To bring joy with more than words, to show appreciation in a memorable way — Scheurich’s new Minis hit the spot. The walls of these endearing cover pots have been adorned with decorative stars or hearts, shown in relief around the outside of the cover-pot.

Small size, big effect! The attractive colour concept in the cheerful pastel colours of Rose, Pistachio and Celadon brings joy to any living space, while the Alaska version in radiant white is both simple and discrete. Quality is of course as important as ever; all cover-pots are guaranteed to be watertight and Made in Germany.

Scheurich’s little eye-catching pots for mini plants are available in two sizes. They can therefore be combined in pairs and filled with plants of differing sizes. Leafy ornamental plants like fittonia (cultivars of fittonia), mikado plant (Syngonanthus chrysanthus), and baby’s tears (Soleirolia Soleirolii) look their best in these cover pots just as much as white or rose-coloured orchids (Phalaenopsis).

Available Sizes: 7 and 9 cm

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