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Move by Scheurich

Basic geometric shapes like spheres are ingenious and cannot be reinvented. However, it only takes simple tweaks such as different surfaces, on-trend colours or unusual designs to transform them. Just like Move, the new cover pot range by Scheurich, which sports a modern ridged design. These pots moves green and blossoming plants centre stage and impresse with strong colours, gloss effects and textured surfaces.


The curvy sphere shape pleases the eye and adds a fascinating aura to houseplants. The bold, circumventing ridges, which extend to the inside of the pot, give this range a sophisticated hand-made look. Like all ceramic pots by Scheurich, these pots are one hundred percent watertight and made in Germany. The grooved relief in combination with the glossy finish creates wonderful light reflections, alternating between the brighter and darker lines. Move is eye-catching, perfectly suited for modern interior designs! 


A pure and bright palette emphasises the character of this extraordinary range. The colour options Glass Grey, Moss, Amethyst, and Alaska feel in harmony and form great combinations displayed together. Purple blossoming plants like Gloxinia (Sinnigia Hybrids) and Phalaenopsis orchids or the stems of Guzmania-Bromelias are perfect partners for these designs. The sphere shape and balanced colour range also nicely accentuate Persian Violets (Exacum Affine) and green plants like Spider-Lily (Tradescantia) and many succulents.

Available Sizes: 16, 18, 20 and 23 cm

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