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Mulberry and Glass Grey by Scheurich

Fashion leads the way when it comes to trends and gives us an early indication of what will soon be in vogue in the world of interior design. Right now, material mixes are all the rage, a trend that offers exciting contrasts. Loosely woven fabrics are confidently combined with smooth, glossy surfaces and sophisticated details.

This on-trend interplay of materials has also inspired a new cover-pot series by Scheurich. Mulberry, Glass Grey and Moss attract the eye with their decorative surfaces and a look as if created by nature - every pot is different and therefore unique. The three designs stand out because of their rough, markedly grooved surfaces, a hand-made look that has been refined with sophisticated details. Mulberry offers a violet colour, which varies seamlessly between lighter and darker hues. Glass Grey is bold; the dark grey colour of these ceramics is broken by bursts of white reflections which breathe life into the surfaces in a striking way. With Moss, Scheurich adds a third version in fresh green, opening up great potential for versatile colour combinations.

Their attractive styling transforms these newcomers into all-rounders which suit greenery as well as blossoming plants and suit all kinds of interior designs. No matter if combined with ferns or palm trees, lace leaf or azaleas, Mulberry, Glass Grey and Moss make great partners. Orchids also can be successfully combined with all three ranges and due to the tapered shape of these tall planters, the blossoming beauties are safe from too much water.

All items are made of high-quality, watertight ceramics and Made in Germany.

Available sizes:

Cover pots: 11, 13, 15 and 18 cm

Orchid pots: 16 cm

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