Emotional Souvenirs

Planters in Romantic Look by Scheurich

Finding a thoughtful Mother’s Day or birthday present can be daunting! But when a present’s aim is to show emotion, choosing the right one is quite simple; plants always give the right message. Scheurich now presents its new orchid-pots, whose design already embodies the right emotion - this gift comes straight from the heart!

The little heart with its 3D-effect is truly eye-catching among planters and comes in three colours, Alaska, Red and Pure Violet. The radiance of the relief changes with the incidence of light and gives this container an ever-changing charm. Orchids thrive particularly well in this container. The pot with its delicate plant is raised, effectively “suspended”, ensuring that the sensitive aerial roots are not overexposed to water. This heart also keeps other plants in shape, because protecting roots from excess water is always a great advantage. These ceramic planters are 100% watertight, keeping furniture and wooden tables safe from stains, so they can be placed anywhere without second thought.

Orchids of all kinds can be combined with these planters just as well as heart-shaped maidenhair (Muehlenbeckia); bell flowers or a little rose also make expressive pairings. Greenery like peperomia (Peperomia) is a great match for all three vibrant colours and is an excellent choice to surprise cherished relatives and good friends.

Available Size: 15 cm

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