Rake and trowel combo

Sunnyboy by Scheurich

The Sunnyboy literally has good vibrations written all over its face! The new Scheurich plant care tool looks so happy it is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. Sunnyboy shows what it’s made of when it springs into action: at one end a trowel with the funny face, at the other a rake. The result? It’s just the right tool for the job when it comes to planting and repotting.

Using first one end, then the other is no problem – whatever is required. Once the work is done, the Sunnyboy stands upright on the rake and happily awaits its next job. There is no need to hide it: it looks bright and colourful on the window sill.

Sunnyboy is made of high quality, translucent plastic and is available in four bright colours; red, blue, green and orange. Scheurich has extended its innovative plastics range with this little accessory – an original and functional utensil, which is guaranteed to delight plant lovers and make a wonderful gift.

Available sizes:

Height: 21 cm

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