Surfaces in classic stone look

home XL by Scheurich

Clear-cut shapes, discreet colours, individually selected furniture and plants. Present trends in interior design rely on the motto “less is more” - but with one exception when it comes to quality. The perfect symbiosis of high-quality material and flawless design is embodied in home XL by Scheurich. The elegantly curved rim, slim profile and size makes home XL truly eye-catching, with the ability to transform a room. The look of these planting containers, which are manufactured in Germany, comes astonishingly close to containers made from real granite, yet home XL is extremely light and scratch-resistant thanks to its high-quality matt surface texture.

Both colour variants are extremely adaptable; Black-Granite creates a striking contrast with white tiled floors and carpets in bright colours; Cream-Granite is its counterpart and is ideal for wood floors, but it also goes well with nearly all floorings and colour shades. The plants you combine with home XL can be just as classic as the containers themselves. Trios of extra-large butterfly orchids (Phalaenopsis) or Flamingo flowers (Anthurium) exude a little bit of luxury, whereas the classic feathered leaves of Howea (Howea fosteriana) bring a breeze of holiday air into offices and winter gardens.

Home XL makes living with plants easy, the ideal surroundings for a cosy home.

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