Sparkling plant accessory

Copa by Scheurich

‘Always taken care of’ is the motto of plant lovers, because these green companions mustn’t miss a thing. Watering is the most important issue, especially for sensitive houseplants and kitchen herbs

Copa is not just reliable, it’s also attractive. The cup is manufactured from high-quality, transparent plastic and makes even the plainest plant look special. Another feature is the sophisticated pearl pattern, which looks even more striking in the sunlight. Be it in Green, Blue or Transparent Clear - this smart watering accessory unites functionality with modern style, and so continues Scheurich’s great success with Bördy and Froggy.

Anyone looking for a small gift will find Copa is a fitting and chic present that will bring continuous enjoyment to plant-loving friends. And while the indoor water supply is doing its job, it’s a great time to say ‘cheers’ with a glass of Prosecco.

Height 18 cm, Volume 150 ml

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