Eye catching!

Orchid Support ‘Melody’ by Scheurich

Scheurich has been especially creative for the queen of houseplants in providing her with a stylish support for her numerous shoots and tender blossoms. Melody shows off butterfly orchids (Phalaenopsis), lady slipper and boat orchids perfectly and makes the commonly sold wooden supports a thing of the past.

True to the motto “fashion for plants”, the new orchid support is a useful and stylish accessory in the world of plants. Melody is available in three different colours: Pink-Clear, Green-Clear, and Transparent-Clear which all co-ordinate perfectly with the colour spectrum of the blossoms. Melody also works well with especially support-needy specimens without losing any of its visual attraction. The curved tendrils act as hooks to fasten the plant more securely. In this manner, stems can be arranged easily - making clips completely unnecessary.

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