Watering Plants Swingingly

Accessories made from plastic by Scheurich have repeatedly made waves the last couple of years. Sprayman, Bördy, Froggy & Co are fun accessories to keep houseplants watered, offering sophisticated features and having a colourful and transparent charm. Swing, a watering can with the potential to become an everyday favourite, is now added to Scheurich's successful plastic edition.

Available in Pink, Green and Violet, Swing is two in one; a stylish decoration and a transparent tool made from quality plastics. Its water level is always and literally clear, but that's not the only advantage. When watering, the centre of gravity shifts optimally under your hand.

The broad handle has been optimised ergonomically and functions simultaneously with the spout. Thanks to its smart geometry and wide sides, Swing can be placed under the tap and filled conveniently. There is no spilling with Swing, it waters even sensitive plants with precision and has a reliably stable base.

With a capacity of 1.2 litres, Swing is ready for most watering jobs. This innovative watering can clearly emphasises Scheurich's competence in the area of plastics and design.

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