Marvellous beauty

Fairytale by Scheurich

Like a fairytale! The new cover pots by Scheurich feature squirrel, rabbit, acorn and pine cone images and transform the feel of any plant lover’s home in an instant with their unique look and various possible plant combinations. As the perfect present, Fairytale will charm mothers, best friends and colleagues.

Fairytale is a wonderland for all fans of home accessories. Pine cones and various nuts can be used to decorate around these pots creating a seasonal theme, with wintery spruce and Gaultheria shrubs being a fitting match. The berries of Gaultheria perfectly match the decorative red ribbon around the top of the acorn and pine cone cover pots. A grey border embellishes those pots decorated with the rabbit and the squirrel.

Scheurich uses a new procedure for Fairytale to bring fabulous ideas to life. The detailed and authentic looking images in shades of grey guarantee a “wow” factor. They are lookalikes of their real life counterparts. And of course Scheurich’s proven ceramic quality remains unchanged for Fairytale.


Available sizes:
11 and 13 cm

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