Unique and Classic Varnished Look

Jewels by Scheurich

They sparkle, they shine, they fascinate. Gemstones are the crowning glory for any outfit - and Jewels by Scheurich transforms every houseplant into something special. Inspired by the mineral stones peridot and malachite, this new coverpot collection enjoys a pure crystal-clear beauty in fresh aqua colours. The Peridot colour option is in a shimmering green shade, whereas Malachite alternates between bluish-green and turquoise.

Just like gemstones, which are given their magical charm by their cut, the high-gloss surface of Jewels features a unique brightness and depth because of its artistic varnished finish. And again just like their namesakes, all Jewels pots are impressive and unique pieces providing an outstanding visual design in their striking colours.

This high value, Made in Germany, ceramic series with its softly curved shape doesn’t just stand out with its charisma, but also its quality; with the reliable manufacturing and watertight guarantee associated with Scheurich products. As a perfect fit for common container sizes, Jewels gives green plants like Cyperus (Cyperus) and bonsai bamboo (Pogonatherum paniceum) a touch of exclusivity and especially emphasises the flair of Vanda orchids and other exotic blossoming plants. Precious gems enrich our lives - especially the ones that surround us daily.

Scheurich perfectly complements Malachite and Peridot by offering further mix and match options in Tropical Green and Anthracite.

Available Sizes: 11, 13, 15, 18 and 20 cm

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