A heart for plants

Leafy by Scheurich

Vintage, shabby chic and retro remain on-trend! And many houseplants are also having a revival; Leafy by Scheurich brings the best out of Alocasia to Zamioculcas. These high quality ceramic cover-pots, with their heart-shaped trailing vine motif, invite creativity and bring a little bit of design flair to the window sill. The vines creep upwards on each pot with a decorative 3D effect and with impressive clarity.

Scheurich produces these stamped designs by using a new innovative manufacturing process. A special feature of this textured decoration is its handcrafted appearance which also has a patina effect. With Leafy, the handmade look meets high gloss and becomes attractively eye-catching. Gently shimmering colours emphasise the softness of the pots’ design, whereas hard facts stress the quality standards of Scheurich; these cover-pots are Made in Germany and are 100 per cent waterproof.

Unmistakable: every cover-pot is unique and looks its best when paired with a big-leafed plant of the arum family or the popular Kalanchoe (flaming Katie). In the colours of Glass Pear, Glass Grey, Moonwhite and Bluesky, Leafy sets free creativity. The cover-pots can be combined wonderfully with each other but just as well with other solid coloured containers. Designed to be structurally and decoratively beautiful in every way, Leafy makes the ideal companion for all plants.

Available sizes:
13 and 15 cm

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