Mesmerising orchids

Moments by Scheurich

They can be found in almost every home; orchids continue to be one of the most popular houseplants. Their elegant appearance and the many, diverse types with their generously bright flowers fascinate plant lovers of all generations. Reason enough for Scheurich to move these exotic plants back into the limelight. The Moments cover-pot series has been expanded; three innovative new versions can be used to arrange these flowering jewels by themselves or in groups for maximum impact. Additional to the tall cover-pot for maxi-orchids, there is also a round planting bowl and oval jardiniere.

All models share the extraordinary cup shaped design inspired by the urban-chic trend, which can be combined with tropical plants to form a great visual pairing. In the XXL planter even precious examples fit perfectly and transform into truly eye-catching features for any interior. Attention is guaranteed with the round planting bowl and the jardiniere. Placed on tables, counters or windowsills, they create dramatic highlights. These cover-pots can be filled with two or three orchids, combine contrasting or harmonising colours, and rest assured that all common plastic plant containers fit exactly. Labelled with the quality indicator “Made in Germany”, absolute watertightness is guaranteed.

Bright surfaces and striking single colours are the prominent features of the Moments collection. Planting containers and bowls in Panna, Glossy Ruby, Glass Grey and Washed Denim co-ordinate perfectly with these sophisticated flowering beauties and the more exclusive orchids. Washed Denim in particular reflects a modern lifestyle with its trendy jeans look and is a perfect match for flowering Dendrobien (Dendrobium), butterfly orchids (Phalaenopsis) or boat orchids (Cymbidium). The appealing tall orchid-pots are also great for hybrids of several species (Cambria). Of course these newcomers can be combined with other Moments family members to suit every taste.


Available Sizes:

Cover-pots: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 23 cm

Orchid-pots; 12, 15 and 19 cm

Planting bowl round: 22 cm

Jardiniere: 27 cm




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