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Plantbag by Scheurich

Flower Power! Be it as a thank-you, an impromptu little surprise, or to accompany a gift voucher, wine and the like – plants are the ideal present. But what’s the perfect present without creative wrapping? This gift wrap is now brought to you by Scheurich in four different colours. Plantbag is the name of this new cheerful and colourful accessory which puts elegant houseplants, tasty herbs or delicious balcony vegetables centre stage. What’s more, it does this for the long-term, because this clever planting bag with its useful handles is made from sturdy plastic, which is reliably watertight and therefore a modern alternative to more usual plant containers.

Metallic Grey, Pure White, Pure Lime and Pure Yellow; Plantbag is available in four attractive colours, so plants can be perfectly co-ordinated to create the right atmosphere every time and for every occasion. Looking especially good for example are combinations of the same colour. Even the most common plants, like the unpretentious Kalanchoe with its pure white blossoms, are transformed into eye-catching displays in the Pure White Plantbag. Visual explosions are guaranteed with bright colour combinations like red roses or orange Gerbera in the Pure Lime Plantbag.

This chic bag offers enough room for two plants with a container diameter of up to 13 cm. If a more dynamic look is preferred, why not combine an upright plant with a hanging one.  

Give cleverly! All plant favourites can make a big impact with Plantbag and become unique presents!

Available Size: 29 cm

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