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Plantbag by Scheurich

Flavour to go! Herbs were promoted from garden regulars to modern-day gifts quite some time ago, and Scheurich now presents gift-givers with a fitting and charming accessory in four colours. Plantbag with its useful and shapely handles is as much an additional gift as it is stylish packaging for basil, peppermint and the like. This clever planting bag, made from sturdy plastic, embodies sustainability and will be a lasting source of joy.

Available in Metallic Grey, Pure White, Pure Lime and Pure Yellow colours, Plantbag suits the bright green of coriander or the full red of peppers, transforming them into  decorative items. The bag offers space for two herb plants with a container diameter of up to 13 cm. A duo of salvia and chives looks every bit as good as a combination of Thai basil and chilli plant - it’s all up to one’s visual and culinary preferences. Of course, Plantbag also nicely sets off favourites such as roses, gerbera and ranunculus.

This cheerfully colourful bag is the perfect carrier for plants of all kinds and is surely predestined to be given as a gift. But why not personalise it? A domesticated pepper (Capsicum annuum) accompanied by a pendant or a little note for the recipient can easily be attached to the handles of Plantbag turning it into something even more special.

Plantbag is also the ideal gift when combined with a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates because it represents modern taste and a personal touch.



Available Size:

29 cm




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