A new look for orchids

Vintage by Scheurich

Romantic style continues to be one of the biggest trends in home decor. Retro and shabby-chic exude the charm of past times and are extremely popular. Calm and soft colours transform homes into places of retreat, with furniture and accessories emphasising a casual feel. Scheurich transports this theme to houseplants and houses the much favoured orchid in new Vintage planters.

The soft pastel colours look light and elegant and cleverly set the scene for the delicate flower heads of these most popular houseplants. The gentle colours highlight the playful border concept especially well, while bringing back memories of skillful artisans. Traditionally, the slip technique was used to decorate ceramics. Vintage is inspired by this craftsmanship; the impression of this ceramic's authenticity is further intensified by the use of fine clay, which shows through the bright surface to differing degrees. In the recesses of the design, it has the glossy appearance of glass.

Naturally, cover-pots by Scheurich are absolutely watertight and fit all common orchid containers. Thanks to its slightly tapered shape, the plastic carrier containers rest at the ideal height, without a step or an insert, fully protecting the plant roots from waterlogging. With Alaska, Washed Denim, Glass Rose and Glass Pear Scheurich offers a perfect colour palette which opens up a lot of possible combinations. Low-maintenance butterfly orchids (Phalaenopsis) can be grouped together to create a charming image.

Available Size: 15 cm

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