So close to the stars

White Star by Scheurich

In the story of Christmas it was a star that brought the three Wise Men from the East to Bethlehem. Therefore the star is as popular and as ever-present a symbol of Christmas as the Christmas tree and the nativity scene.

Scheurich also reaches for the stars and illuminates a new one in the Christmas sky with its cover-pot series White Star. The red pots with the white star and rim bring a festive flair into living rooms and create bold, colourful and decorative highlights. No pot is exactly like the other, because the high-quality containers are manufactured in Germany, using craftsmen-like techniques. White Star looks as well by itself as in combination with solid-coloured cover pots in Energy Red - and continues to do so even after the holiday season has passed. That’s because stars are very much on trend right now and work their charm throughout the year.

Which plant is the best match for White Star? The name says it all - the white as well as the red poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) find their perfect home in these radiant cover pots. Other popular classics of the season; amaryllis (Hippeastrum), cyclamen (Cyclamen) or bright red begonia (Begonia Elatior hybrids)  also create the perfect atmosphere.



Available Sizes:

14 and 16 cm




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