Between Heaven and Earth

Sky Balcon by Scheurich

Balconies are the playgrounds for modern city gardeners - and balcony boxes are their most visible features. Sky Balcon is the name of Scheurich’s newly developed plant container design which perfectly reflects the ambience of stylish balconies. Gone are the days of unattractive balcony boxes hidden behind furniture and elegant planters filled with plants to cover them up. The Sky Balcon, the new sibling of the popular Skypot and Sky Hanger, changes all that and is a dream come true for lovers of stylish design. This trio makes up the successful Sky Line by Scheurich.

The organically designed plant container comes in three colours; Bright Green, Bright White, or Metallic Grey and wraps itself around both sides of the railings. Its high-gloss plastic finish exudes a refined charm and always looks freshly polished.

Sky Balcon is not just visually a real highlight, its functionality is also striking. The material is frost and UV-light resistant - the quality you expect of products made in Germany. With its adjustable spacers, this plant container can be custom fit to different shapes and sizes of railings and always sits in a secure and upright position, safely in place. With a volume of seven litres, Sky Balcon is generously sized and offers plenty of space for roots. Planting is as easy as pie, because the soil can comfortably be placed around the root balls ensuring these green roommates are perfectly at ease in their new homes.

Additionally, the comparatively large amount of soil reduces maintenance, because more water and nutrients can be stored. And that’s still not all; an integrated water-storage and excess-water protection system effectively prevents roots from getting too much water after heavy rainfalls. With such ideal growing conditions, there’s no holding back when choosing plants; be it easy-care beauties like lavender (Lavandula) or daisies (Osteospermum) or water- and nutrient-loving flower stars like petunia (Petunia) and millionbells (Calibrachoa) – they all thrive in Sky Balcon. Here’s to a heavenly summer above the city roofs.

Available size: 36 cm

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