Aiming high

Lineo High by Scheurich

Back to nature is an on-going trend. The high quality planters, with their subtle relief and a hand-made touch, delight with their authentic look in a choice of colours; Sand, Black-Granite and Taupe-Granite. They are gracefully refined, merge well with the green of their surroundings and are ideal for all outdoor design themes. A look inside will reveal a surprising detail by Scheurich; Lineo comes with an insert which makes planting simple and easy.  Larger planters come with larger inserts, ensuring not just optimal conditions for solitary plants, but also enabling easy rotation of plants into different planters for a quick redesign.

Additional to its pleasing design and the high-value, natural looking surface, this lightweight planter scores on sustainability. Manufactured using the sophisticated rotation-moulding technique and with the quality indicator “Made in Germany”, these planters are fit for indoor and outdoor use because of the practical drainage plug, which is located in the wall of these containers. Left open, the opening provides reliable drainage of excess water, and plant favourites are able to flourish even during times of intensive rainfalls.

The shape of Lineo High has an impressive organic touch. Combined with rosemary and fragrant herbs such as sage and thyme, these containers create a Mediterranean atmosphere for other beautiful plants, such as oleander, to thrive in.

Lineo High is available in the colours Black-Granite, Taupe-Granite and Sand, height 54 and 65 cm.

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