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Neo by Scheurich

This new addition to the Style Edition is not just visually attractive. With an eye for detail, the designers have added the small, but refined extra features to Neo that plant lovers always appreciate about Scheurich products. The rim for example is curved to the outside, which ensures that the containers can be picked up and carried safely even with plants inside. The base of the pot is slightly domed in the middle and comes with three water-drainage holes. This transforms the outer area of the base into a small water reservoir which at the same time prevents water-logging.

This series is Made in Germany and is available in different sizes up to XL-format, offering just the right planter for basil, oleander and even trumpet vines (Campsis), bringing them together as a harmonious collection. The attractive design is a perfect match for blossoming beauties such as the elegant Mandevilla or calliopsis (Coreopsis), but is just as suited to decorative shrubs and other ornamental leafy plants.
Neo is available in the colours Terracotta, Pure Lime, Metallic Grey and Pure Grey, available sizes Ø 25, 30, 35, 40 and 48 cm.

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