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No.1 Stone by Scheurich

Successful design is everywhere; a fact made evident yet again with the world’s favourite planter shape by Scheurich and used in the company’s new outdoor series No.1. This lightweight plastic planter is designed to impress with its clear contours, capturing both a balanced and a modern feel. Absolutely on-trend is the thick-walled profile and the natural surfaces, which are both quality features of No.1 Stone.

The large drainage opening in the base prevents water logging in the container, due to heavy rain for example. The plug is especially innovative; it can be used to completely seal the drainage opening when moving the planters indoors. While not in use, the plug can be stored in a ‘parking slot’ in the base and is therefore always at hand when needed.

No.1 Stone is available in two different editions: in authentic stone look as White Granite, Black Granite and Taupe Granite, and, additionally, with the nature-inspired surface textures Sand and Brown. Each of these variants stunningly mimics their natural counterparts and are especially suitable for modern outdoor living and dining areas. To be able to place these pots flexibly inside and out, luscious flowering plants like hydrangea, Mediterranean potted plants such as small olive trees, exotic citrus plants like Kumquats (Fortunella), or bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) are ideal partners.

No1 Stone is available in colours White-Granite, Black-Granite, Taupe-Granite in diameter 30 cm, 40 cm, 48 cm and 60 cm and in colours Sand and Brown in diameter 30 cm, 40 cm and 48 cm.

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