Floor-wise floral fun

So many great plants – and so little space! So innovations are required especially in small gardens and balconies. Skypot is Scheurich´s new popular success that solves this problem in a clever way. The fashionable planters, which are made in Germany, can easily be put into the ground or into a planter, thanks to the lengthy aluminium pipe which tapers slightly at the lower end. The two different heights can be combined in one display to appear as a coordinated pair. While a row of several Skypots placed alongside steps or at the same height alongside a garden path is really eye-catching even from a distance.

Skypot has two particularly practical features. At the bottom of the planter is a little reservoir from which plants can obtain their water. This reduces watering. If the water-level exceeds the reservoir, the surplus water is diverted from the rust-resistant aluminium pipe, directly into the ground. In this way, overflowing water can be avoided and even after heavy showers there is no danger that the gentle plant roots will be damaged.

Floating above lawn, beds or planters the stylish pots, which are made of high quality shiny plastic, direct the gaze into the vertical. In the colours Bright White, Green and Violette they already create a style – more so when enhanced with colourful flowers.

Especially attractive combinations are overhanging and trailing plants such as Sweet Alison (Lobularia maritime), Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) or Millionells (Calibrachoa), and also fine herbs come into their own. Discover the third dimension!

Skypot L is available in colours Farben Bright White, Bright Green and Bright Metallic Grey and with a high of 115 cm and 135 cm. The diameter of the pot is 20cm.

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